Hook and loop fasteners are an often used product in the medical sector. For example it is being used to fasten equipment cables, for blood pressure pumps and to attach small cables on the skin.

Hook and loop fasteners for the medical sector

Hook and loop fasteners are very suitable for use in the medical industry. Hook and loop tape is made of thin and strong material. It is inexpensive in purchase and easy to use. Furthermore it is a diverse product, which is available in many different shapes, sizes and colours.

Alfatex stands for quality, made-to-measure and good advice

For more than 35 years Alfatex develops hook and loop fasteners. We supply our costumers a wide range of more than 40.000 products, most of them available from stock. Besides our standard products, such as hook and loop and mushroom and velour, we offer a large assortment of special types of hook and loop tape, such as elastic, antibacterial, tailor-made straps, etc. Click here to see our complete product assortment or take a look at the overview below with the types of hook and loop tapes most often used in the medical sector.
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The following types hook and loop tape are suitable for the usage in the medical sector:

Hook / Loop   Mushroom and Velour tape   Elastic
Hook and Loop tape   Mushroom and Velour tape Elastic
Overlocked   Antibacterial   2 in 1
Overlocked   Antibacterial    2 in 1
Straps   Gripper  
Straps   Gripper  


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